Bharat Rides Merchant Partner Network FAQs

Bharat Rides Merchant Partner Network FAQs

1.What is Bharat Rides Merchant Partner Network?

Bharat Rides Merchant Partner Network is a network of Merchants who have joined hands to provide various offers to the riders of Nagpur Metro for promoting green commute and reducing pollution in Nagpur City. You can get 100% cashback on Metro tickets, MahaCard issue receipt and MahaCard Top Up Receipt. The cashback received on the Metro Tickets/MahaCards can be redeemed at Bharat Rides Merchant Partner Network stores. 

2.On what tickets can I get 100% cashback?

  1. Nagpur Metro Tickets
  2. Nagpur Metro MahaCard Issue Receipt
  3. Nagpur Metro MahaCard TopUp Receipt

Just scan any of these using ‘Bharat Rides- Book Cab, Auto; See Nearby Utilities’ App from Google Play Store and enjoy 100% Cashback.

3.Where do I check if an amount is credited to my account?

From the home screen of ‘Bharat Rides- Book Cab, Auto; See Nearby Utilities’ App, click on the ‘Menu Button’ (3 horizontal lines at the Left Top side of the screen) and there you can see the credited promotional cash. Make sure you’re logged into the app.

Where do I find a Merchant Partner Store?

Inside the Bharat Rides- Book Cab, Auto; See Nearby Utilities app, you can see a menu called ‘Redeem Rewards’. From there you can access various nearby stores that are offering redeem service for the promotional cash you have in Bharat Rides App. The list of stores changes when you go to a new location

5.How do I contact for help?

For any assistance or queries, please contact our customer care number- +91 8446184460. 

6.Do the Merchant Partners provide Home Delivery?

Currently, we are not providing Home Delivery.

7.What offers merchants are providing?

The offers vary from merchant to merchant. We have 300+  business owners who tied up with Bharat Rides. We have different merchants of different categories like Bakery, Restaurants,  Salon, Boutique, Pharmacy, Health Care, Groceries, Electronics etc. You can choose any category or merchant to redeem the cashback.  For Example, under the Restaurant category, you will get the list of all restaurants which are associated with Bharat Rides with the information of the offers they are providing.

8.How Can you take advantage of offers provided by Merchants?

You can use your promotional cashback to enjoy the benefits. This promotional cashback you will receive by scanning the Metro Tickets using Bharat Rides App.                     

9.How to get 100% Cashback?

Bharat Rides is giving 100 % Cashback on Metro Tickets.  

Here are the steps to receive the Cashback –

  1. Download the Bharat Rides App
  2. Login/Register in Bharat Rides App
  3. Click on the Scan ticket option present at Home Screen
  4. Scan Metro Ticket
  5. The money will be added in Promotional Cashback Balance.

  1. How to redeem your cashback?  

To redeem your promotional cashback, Bharat Rides has a merchant partner network. Many business owners of Nagpur are associated with Bharat Rides Merchant Partner Network. 

Steps to Redeem Your Cashback:-

  1. Login in  Bharat Rides App
  2. At Home Screens,  there is an option of “Redeem Rewards”. Click on it.
  3. Here, you will get the list of all categories. Under categories, there is a list of merchants. For Example, under the Bakery Category, you will get the list of all bakeries.
  4. Choose the merchant and click on the “ Redeem Now” Button.

Using the steps mentioned above, you can redeem your cashback and enjoy the Discount

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